Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, S.St.Pi., M.Sc.

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Dedi fazriansyah putra is currently as lecturer and researcher in Faculty of Marine and Fisheries, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. He was graduated from Fisheries University of Jakarta, Indonesia, then continued his master degree in aquaculture at Institute of Tropical Aquaculture, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia. He has published several international papers (Q1 and Q2 SCOPUS) collaroborating with National Taiwan Ocean University (PhD project). His expertises are in aquaculture research, fish & sellfish immunology and coastal environment & fisheries science. He is actively joining the training and shortcourse within local and international level. 

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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

DF Putra, L Armaya, SA El Rahimi., 2019, THE EFFECTS OF RED YAM FLOUR (Ipomoea batatas L.) ON THE GROWTH, SURVIVAL RATE AND SKIN COLOR OF GOLDFISH (Carrasius auratus), BIOTROPIA-The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology , 26 (2), 7, .

Zainal A Muchlisin, Nurfadillah Nurfadillah, Iko Imelda Arisa, Alvi Rahmah, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Muhammad Nazir, Armen Zulham., 2017, Fish fauna of Lake Lauik Tawar and Lake Laulo, Simeulue Island, Indonesia, Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity, 18(2), 752-757, 2085-4722 .

Rizwan T., Nasution T. K., Dewiyanti I., Elrahimi S. A., Putra D. F.,, 2017, Fish diversity in the east coastal waters area of Aceh Besar District, Indonesia, AACL Bioflux (International+ Scopus indexed), 10(5), 1180-1185, 1844-8143 .

Zainal Abidin Muchlisin1*, Maulidin Maulidin2, Abdullah A. Muhammadar1, Dedi F. Putra1, 2017, Inshore migration of tropical glass eels (Anguilla spp.) in Lambeso River, Aceh Jaya District, Aceh Province, Indonesia, Aceh Journal of Animal Science, 1(2), 58-61, DOI: 10.13170/ajas.1.2.5304.

Dedi F. Putra, Muhammad Fanni, Zainal A. Muchlisin, Abdullah A. Muhammadar, 2016, Growth performance and survival rate of climbing perch (Anabas testudineus) fed Daphnia sp. enriched with manure, coconut dregs flour and soybean meal, AACL Bioflux, 9(5), 944-948, 1844-9166.

Yu-Yuan Chen, Jiann-Chu Chen* , Carina Miranda Tayag, Hui-Fang Li, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Yi-Hsuan Kuo, Jia-Chin Bai, Yu-Hsuan Chang, 2016, Spirulina elicits the activation of innate immunity and increases resistance against Vibrio alginolyticus in shrimp, Fish and Sellfish Immunology, 55, 690-698, .

Yong-Chin Lin, Jiann-Chu Chen , Wan Zabidii W. Morni, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Chien-Lun Huang, Chang-Che Li, Jen-Fang Hsieh, 2014, Vaccination enhances early immune responses in white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei after secondary exposure to Vibrio alginolyticus, Plos One, (International SCI indexed + Scopus + IF), 8 (7), e69722, 2085-4722 .

Yu-Yuan Chen · Jiann-Chu Chen · Yong-Chin Lin · Dedi Fazriansyah Putra · Suwaree Kitikiew · Chang-Che Li · Jen-Fang Hsieh · Chyng-Hwa Liou · Su-Tuen Yeh, 2013, Shrimp that have received carrageenan via immersion and diet exhibit immunocompetence in phagocytois despite a post-plateau in immune parameters, Fish & Shellfish Immunology, 12/201, 36(2), DOI:10.1016/j.fsi.2013.12.004.

Suwaree Kitikiew · Jiann-Chu Chen · Dedi Fazriansyah Putra · Yong-Chin Lin · Su-Tuen Yeh · Chyng-Hwa Liou, 2013, Corrigendum to “Fucoidan effectively provokes the innate immunity of white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei and its resistance against experimental Vibrio alginolyticus infection, Fish Shellfish Immunology, 34, 280–290, DOI:10.1016/j.fsi.2012.11.016.

Francis Nuestro Balesta, YC Lin, YY Chen, JC Chen, ST Yeh, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, CL Huang, 2013, Efficacy of Sargassum oligocystum Extract on the innate Immunity of White Shrimp Litopenaus vannamei and its resistance againts Vibrio algynoliticus, Journal of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 40, P241 - 256, .

Suwaree Kitikiew, Jiann-Chu Chen, Dedi Fazriansyah Putra, Yong-Chin Lin,Su-Tuen Yeh, Chyng-Hwa Liou., 2013, Fucoidan effectively provokes the innate immunity of white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei and its resistance against experimental Vibrio alginolyticus infection, Fish and Sellfish Immunology (International SCI indexed + Scopus indexed + IF), 3 (34), 951, .

Dedi Fazriansyah Putra · Ambok B. Abol-Munafi · Zainal A. Muchlisin · Jiann-Chu Chen, 2012, Preliminary studies on morphology and digestive tract development of tomato clownfish, Amphiprion frenatus under captive condition, AACL Bioflux, 5(1), 29-35, .

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

02-04-2018, Training of Ciguatoxin detection on Fish, WESTPAC, Vietnam
11-09-2017, Training of invertebrate taxonomic identification, LIPI, LIPI jakarta
28-07-2016, Penulisan artikel ilmiah internasional, LPPM Unsyiah, Banda Aceh Indonesia
11-07-2016, Penyusunan proposal penelitian, LPPM Unsyiah, Banda Aceh Aceh
20-06-2016, Identfication of harmful Jellyfish, WESTPACT ICMRC, Phuket, Thailand
11-12-2015, Annual scientific meeting, Indonesian association of oseanologist, Banda aceh, Indonesia
12-09-2015, Revisi dan pemodelan kurikulum, PIU Unsyiah, Banda Aceh, Indonesia