Drh. Eliawardani, M.Si.

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Lecturer of Parasitology Laboratory FKH Unsyiah.

Eliawardani was born in Banda Aceh January 23, 1976. Graduated from Veterinary Clinic at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Unsyiah 1998). 2014 completes study at the Master's Program at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Syiah Kuala University, with the concentration of Livestock Disease Science. In 2001 until now he was appointed as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Syiah Kuala University.


Email. eliawardani@gmail.com


Efficacy of Sernai Leaf (Wedelia biflora) Extract as Anti-Trypanosoma on Rats (Ratts norvegicus), Jurnal Medika Veterinaria ISSN: 0853-1943, Vol. 9 No. 1, Februari 2015.

White Rat Blood Profile (Rattus norvegicus) Infected Trypanosoma evansi and given Batang Jaloh skin extract (Salix tetrasperma Roxb), animal medical journal ISSN: 1978-225X Vol. 8 No. 2, September 2014.

The index of the condition and growth of the snapper and grouper cultivated in the floating net system in Lhokseumawe, Journal of Agriculture 4 (1): 1-4 (2014), ISSN: 2088-0111





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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

drh. eliawardani, m.si, 2016, aedes mosquitoes abundance in relation to some climatic factor in banda aceh city, indonesia, IJTVBR, I (1), 58-64, 2503-4715.

drh. eliawardani, m.si, 2016, motilitas ascaridia galli dengan ekstrak etanol palem putri, Agripet, 16 (1), , .

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

16-09-2015, Technopreneurship Training, Proyek 7 in I, Banda Aceh
12-08-2015, Workshop Revisi dan Pemodelan Kurikulum, Proyek 7 in I, Banda Aceh