Dr. drh. Farida, M.Si

Tentang Saya (About Me)

The Faculty member at Syiah Kuala University since 1988. Finished her Master Degree in Veterinary Science from Bogor Agriculture University (IPB Bogor), Indonesia in 1999. Finally, her completed  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 2015 at School of Biological Sciences of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) , Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Her areas of interest are Veterinary Parasitology, Parasitic Imunology and Medical Entomology.

Now I am assigned as head of Laboratory of Parasitology at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Syiah Kuala University Indonesia.



email farida_athaillah_fkh[at]unsyiah.ac.id
www www.unsyiah.ac.id
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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Ummu Balqis1, Muhammad Hambal, Rinidar, Farida Athaillah Ismail, Azhar, Henni Vanda and Darmawi, 2017, Cuticular surface damage of Ascaridia galli adult worms treated with Veitchia merrillii betel nuts extract in vitro, Veterinary World, 10(07), 732-737, 2540 - 9492.

Nur Aida, H., Abu Hassan, A., Anita, T., Nurita, A.T., Dieng, H., Suhaila, A.H., Rajasaygar, S., Nur Hafiza, M. and Farida, A., 2017, Developing time-based model for the prediction of breeding activities of dengue vectors using early life cycle variables and epidemiological information in Northern Malaysia Nur, Tropical Biomedicine, 34(3), 691-707, .

Farida Athaillah, Siti Prawitasari Br. Hasibuan, Eliawardani., 2017, IDENTIFIKASI DAN DISTRIBUSI NYAMUK Aedes VEKTOR PENYEBAB DEMAM BERDARAH DENGUE (DBD) DI DALAM KAMPUS UNIVERSITAS SYIAH KUALA, JIMVET, 01(2), 136 - 147, 2540 - 9492.

Abdullah Hamzah, Muhammad Hambal, Ummu Balqis, Darmawi, Maryam, Rasmaidar, Farida Athaillah, Muttaqien, Azhar, Ismail, Rastina, and Eliawardani, 2016, Aktifitas anthelmintik Biji Veitchia merrillii terhadap Ascaridia galli secara In Vitro, Traditional Medicine Journal, 21 (2), , 1410 - 5918.

Farida Athaillah, Muhammad Hambal, Yudha Fahrimal, Winaruddin,Muttaqien Bakri, Ellyawardani, Henni Vanda, Abu Hassan Ahmad, 2016, Aedes Mosquitoes Abundance In Relation To Some Climatic Factors In Banda Aceh City, Indonesia, Int.J. Trop Vet. Biomed. Res, Vol 1(, 56 - 64, E - IISSN : 2503-415.

Yudha Fahrimal, Farida Athaillah, Erina, 2004, Diagnoses of bovine babesiasis by using thin blood smear from differentially hemolysed blood, Media Kedokteran Hewan, 2 (1), , 2015-8930.

Prosiding (Proceedings)

Farida Athaillah, Ahmad Abu Hassan, Upik K Hadi, Nur Aida H, 2014, Household container survey of Aedes breeding site after the tsunami in Banda Aceh city, Indonesia, The role of higher mainstreaming disaster mitigation research towards sustainable development, The 36th Indonesian Postgraduate Programs Forum, Banda Aceh, 10 Juni 2014, Banda Aceh, Syiah Kuala University Press, 0, .

Farida Athaillah, 2013, Container Survey of Mosquito breeding sites in the tsunami and non tsunami affected areas in Banda Aceh City, Aceh Province, Indonesia, Current Research in School of Biological Sciences, USM, The 6th Annual PPSKH/IPS Postgraduate Colloqium, Penang, Malaysia, May, 2013, Penang, Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia Press, 0, .

Athaillah Farida, Abu Hassan Ahmad, Upik K Hadi, Muhammad Hambal, Yudha Fahrimal and Rimaya Shafitri, 2011, Ovitrap use in Epidemiology study of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Kuta Alam sub-district Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Building Aceh Through Science Dignity and Prosperity, Annual International Conference Syiah Kuala University 2011, Banda Aceh, 29 - 30 November 2011, Banda Aceh, Syiah Kuala University Press, , ISSN: 2089-208X.

Farida Athaillah, 2009, Ecological Studies of Aedes aegypti in Relation to Dengue Incidencen in Kota Banda Aceh, Nanggore Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia, Current research in School of Biological Sciences, USM, 2nd Annual PPSK/IPS Postgraduate Colloquium, Penang, Malaysia, 14 Mei 2009, Penang, Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia Press, 0, .

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

21-08-2017, Workshop Keselamatan Kerja (K3) Laboratorium, Development of Education in Seven Universities (Proyek 7- In - 1, Universitas Syiah Kuala-Darussalam- Banda Aceh
01-02-2017, Deteksi Arbovirus DENGUE,CHIKUNGUNYA & ZIKA, West Nile dengan MULTIPLE REAL TIME PCR, Avian Influenza Research Center (AIRC-BSL 3), Airlangga University C Campus- Surabaya