Mislinawati, S.Pdi., M.Pd

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Mislinawati was born in Sigli on January 4, 1981. She completed her Master's Degree in the year 2006 majoring in Educational Technology at the Jakarta State University, Department of Educational Technology. Since 2008 she has been teaching at Department of Primary Education (PGSD), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Unsyiah. The subjects that she teach are ICT-Based Learning Media and Planning Learning. In addition to teaching, she is also active in research activities and community service. She received grants for her research since 2012 until 2015 under the scheme Young Lecturer Research. In 2016 she received a grants for Action Research (PRA) and e-learning research. Based on these experiences she has been appling the findings of her research into her teaching practice at PGSD. She is also a member of the Quality Insurance FKIP Unsyiah. She also participated in USAID Prioritas trainings as a facilitator in good practice since 2013 to 2017.

email mislina_tp[at]unsyiah.ac.id
www www.unsyiah.ac.id
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Publikasi (Publications)

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Prosiding (Proceedings)

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Buku (Books)

Mislinawati, 2019, Perencanaan Pembelajaran, Banda Aceh, Nuha Medika kerja sama dengan CV Citra Kreasi Utama. jln Tgk Imum Lueng Bata No 3 Banda Aceh, 978-623-7323-20-4.