Prof. Dr. Raja Masbar, M.Sc.

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Prof. Dr. Raja Masbar, M.Sc was born in Suak Bakong South Acehon April 19, 1953. His formal education started from PrimarySchool in Pulokambing, then he went to the Junior High School at Suak Bakong and graduated in 1969. Then, in 1972, he continued his education at the Senior High School in Tapak Tuan. In 1979, he continued his study at Syiah Kuala University, Faculty of Economics, majoring in Economics and obtained a Drs degree. Then he continued his study for master and doctorate degree in University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA and graduated in 1984 and 1990 respectively. Research interest focus on microeconomics, particularly on poverty alleviation. In addition, I am also teaching Advanced Microeconomics for class of Doktoral degree and Master Degree, and some other subjects such as Advanced Econometrics, Advanced Public Finance, Advanced Monetary Economics at graduate and similar subject courses at undergraduate level. Besides, I am frequently invited by Doctotal Program for other state university such as Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang, Universitas Pajajaran Bandung and Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan, as an outside examiner in Doctoral Closed and Open Examination..

History of Work

  1. Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, Syiah Kuala University 1980 - now and will retire in 2023 or 6 years

    Deputy Director of LPES, Faculty of Economics, Syiah Kuala University Year 1991-1992

    Chairman of Higher Education Development Support Project FE-Unsyiah Year 1991-1994

    Head of Master Program of Economics Year 1992-1998

    As the initiator of the first Master of Economics program in PTN on the island of Sumatra, under the leadership of the Dean of FE Unsyiah, Prof. DR Zulkifli Husin, M.Sc.

    Chairman of Doctoral Program of Economics and Economics Master Program Syiah Kuala University Year 1998-2001. As the initiator of the first Doctoral Program of Economic Sciences at PTN on the island of Sumatra.

    Expert Staff of BAPPEDA Year 1992-1994

    Expert Staff of the Provincial Governor of Aceh in 1994-2000

    Expert Staff of the Provincial DPRD of Aceh Special Region for Preparation of Qanun on Special Committee IX 2002.

    Vice Dean I, Faculty of Economics, Syiah Kuala University Year 2001-2005

    Commissioner of PT. Bank BPD Aceh Year 2001-2009

    Dean of the Faculty of Economics Unsyiah Year 2009-2013

    Chairman of ISEI Branch of Banda Aceh Year 2009-2013

    Chairman of IAEI Aceh Province 2014-present year

    Regional Economist from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Year 2013-2016

    Chairman of the Doctoral Program of Economics and Economics Master Program FEB Syiah Kuala University Year 2014-present. In the period 2014-August 2017 the two Prodi still joined, At that time made the accreditation process in the Master Program Economics and achieved the value of Accreditation A. Starting from the period of August 2017-now Prodi Doctor of Economics stand-alone.

email raja.masbar[at]

Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Vivi Silvia , Said Muhammad, RajaMasbar, Muhammad Nasir, 2016, Optimization of Smallholder Palm Oil in Nagan Raya and Aceh Tamiang Aceh Province, International Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences, Vol.3,, 1-17, 2308-1365.

Abd. Jamal, Said Muhammad, Raja Masbar & Aliasuddin, 2015, Did Indonesian Political Economic Reform Reduce Economic Growth Disparities Among Regions?, DLSU Business & Economics Review, 25, No, 81-94, 0116-7111.

Muslim A Djalil, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Raja Masbar, 2015, INFLUENCE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF CORE COMPETENCY ON INCREASE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF ISLAMIC FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, Vol.II, 1-20, 2348-0386.

Muslim A Djalil, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Raja Masbar, 2015, Influence Of Industry Environment Adaptation To The Improved Performance Of Islamic Financial Institutions, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH, Volume, 254-265, 2277-8616.

C Seftarita, ME Raja Masbar, MS Aliasuddin, M Nasir, 2015, Commodities Contributor of Inflation and Welfare Shift; Evidence From Rural and Urban Household in Aceh Province Indonesia, International Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences , Vol. 2, 49-61, 2308-1365.

Azwar, Abubakar Hamzah, Raja Masbar, Sofyan Syahnur, 2013, Economic Growth Disparity among the Regions in Aceh, Indonesia, Aceh International Journal of Social Sciences, Volume, 21-31, 2088-9976.

Arrabby Ahmady, Raja Masbar, Sofyan Syahnur, 2012, The effect of change in growth and inequality on poverty in Indonesia, Journal of Economics Graduate Program of University of Syiah Kuala, Volume, 1-9, 2302-0172.

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

08-06-2005, Certified Executive Risk Mangement Professional Workshop for Bank Commissioners, Standard Chartered Bak, Bak Indonesia, Indonesian Risk Professional Association (IRPA), Singapore
18-02-2005, The Role of Board of Bank Commisioner in the Implementation of Risk Mangement and CAMELS, Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia, Surabaya
10-05-2004, Enterprise-Wide Risk Mangement: A Workshop for Commercial Bank Risk Professional, Indonesian Risk Professional Association (IRPA), Jakarta
10-12-2003, Central Bank and Financial Stability, Bank Indonesia, Jakarta
01-05-2002, Can Decectralization Help Rebuild Indonesia?, Georgia State University, Atlanta