Prof. Dr. Ir. Sabaruddin, M.Agr.Sc

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sabaruddin Zakaria, M.Agr. (Ph.D,-agriculture), now is professor of plant production science, head of Magister Agroecotechnology, Post Graduated School, Syiah kuala University, Darussalam-Banda Aceh, Indonesia. He got his bachelor degree (Ir.) from Agronomy Department, Syiah Kuala University, Magister degree (M.Agr.) in plant production science, Ibaraki University, japan, award in 1998 and Doctor's degree (Ph.D) in plant production science from Division of Plant and Animal Production, United Graduate School, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan award in 2001. From 2001-2002, as post doctoral fellow in International Research Center for Agriculturel Science (JIRCAS) Okinawa, Japan. He services as vice dean for external cooperation of Agriculture Faculty, Syiah Kuala University from 2004-2008, and as member of Indonesia's national accreditation board for higher education (BAN-PT) since 2007. He participated in meeting and training for liaison officer of EU-supported project DOCUMAP in Swedish University of Agriculture, Sweden, and attending meeting for "Curriculum Development" in Humbold University of Germany-Berlin, 2008. He also participate as principal investigator from Syiah Kuala University side since 2009 for "Rice breeding by marker-assisted selection (MAS) for agronomic traits and rice plant pathology" for research collaboration between Syiah Kuala University and Temasek Life Science Laboratory (TLL), National University of Singapore. Recently, he also participate as research team for Australian Center for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) for the project "Improvement soil and water management and crop productivity of dryland agriculture system of Aceh and NSW starting from 2014.

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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Sabaruddin Zakaria, Yanchang luo, Bakhtiar Basyah, Tingchen Ma, Zefu Li, Jianbo Yang and Zhongchao Yin, 2016, Genetical resources and improvement of Indonesia local rice variety Siputeh through marker assisted breeding, BIT's 7 th Annual World DNA and Genome Day 2016, , 362, .

Efendi, Elly Kesumawaty, Sabaruddin Zakaria, Bakhtiar and Syafruddin, 2015, MORPHO-AGRONOMIC PERFORMANCES OF RICE (ORYZA SATIVA L.) LANDRACES UNDER ORGANIC CULTIVATION OF SRI METHOD, International Journal of Agricultural Research, 10 (2), 78-42, 1816-4897.

Yanchang Luo, Sabaruddin Zakaria, Bakhtiar Basyah, Tingchen Ma, Zefu Li, Jianbo Yang and Zhongchao Yin, 2014, Marker-assisted breeding of Indonesia local rice variety Siputeh for semi-dwarf phonetype, good grain quality and disease resistance to bacterial blight, Rice, 7:33, , .

Sabaruddin Zakaria, Matsuda Toshiaki, Nitta youji, 2002, Effect of high temperature at ripening stage on the reserve accumulation in seed in some rice [Oryza sativa] cultivars , Plant Production Science, 2, , .

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Training/Diklat (Workshops)

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