Dr. Saifuddin, M.Pd

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Saifuddin was born to the married mother of Ibunda Daud (deceased) with the father of Abdullah Yusuf (deceased), in Montasik Aceh Besar, on May 5, 1958. Elementary School Elementary School (SDN) was completed in 1970, Junior High School 1974 and 1977 from Montasik State Senior High School, Aceh Besar, then continued his undergraduate study at the Faculty of Sport and Health Education (FPOK) IKIP Yogyakarta graduated in 1984.

In 1987 he was appointed as an educator in the Education Education Program of FKIP UNSYIAH Banda Aceh, and in 1991 had the opportunity to attend the S-2 lecture at PPS IKIP Jakarta, in Sport Education Studies Program. Year 1996 got the opportunity to continue study of S-3 level, at PPs of State University of Jakarta at Sport Education program.

Some of the research activities and other activities that have been carried out are: (1) Special tests of sports skills as a predictor of learning outcomes of sport skills at FKIP Unsyiah Banda Aceh (Thesis, 1994) sports education students, (2) Talent scouting (3) Identification of motor skills and anthropometric condition of elementary and junior high school students of Aceh Special Region (Menpora, 2000), (4) Analysis of the implementation of student training education center (PPLP ) Prov. NAD (Menpora, 2003), (5) Implementation of ratianal emotive behavior therapy and religion techniques to overcome the anxiety of athletes PPLM Unsyiah (Dikti, 2008), (6) mental training program of PPLM athlete of Syiah Kuala University (Dikti, 2008) (8) Physical education teacher profile of Banda Aceh City (PPs Unsyiah, 2014), (9) Increased strength, speed and power of leg muscle athletes PPLP Aceh Province (Menpora , 2014), (10) BAPOMI Aceh team soccer coach at POMWIL Medan (1990) and (11) Football coach Tim Porda Aceh Besar (1996).

email ata_lanta.sport[at]unsyiah.ac.id
www http://dosen.fkip.unsyiah.ac.id

Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Dr. Saifuddin, M.Pd, 2012, Pengaruh Latihan Teratur dan Tidak Teratur Terhadap Kerusakan Jaringan, Sport Pedagogy, II, 21-24, 2252-5807.

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Dr. Saifuddin, M.Pd, 2010, Peranan Hormon Terhadap Aktifitas Fisik, Fair Play, III, 34-41, 2085-3777.

Prosiding (Proceedings)

Dr. Saifuddin, M.Pd, 2010, Pelatih Sebagai Karir Alternatif Bidang Olahraga, Seminar Olahraga Nasional III, Dies Natalis, Yogyakarta, , Yogyakarta, Fik Uny, 418-421, 978-602-8429-39-9.

Buku (Books)

Dr. Saifuddin, M.Pd, 2010, Psikologi Kepelatihan, Sigli, Marzalia Press, 978-602-98418-2-4.

Dr. Saifuddin, M.Pd, 2007, Tes dan Pengukuran, Malang, Media Cakrawala Utama Press, 978-602-99976-7-5.

Dr. Saifuddin, M.Pd, 2006, Belajar Motorik, Malag, Media Cakrawala Utama Press, 978-602-99976-8-2.

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

17-03-2010, Seminar Olahraga Nsional (Pengembangan Ilmu Keolahragaan Yang Berkarakter), UNY, Jogyakarta
10-03-2009, Penelitian Keolahragaan Nasional, UNESA, Sidoarjo

Paten (Patents)

2010, Belajar Motorik, 978-602-99976-8-2, Aceh, Indonesia, Indonesia.

Penghargaan (Awards)

23-03-2007, Pelatih Panahan Kejurnas Panahan Antar Mahasiswa, Pengprov PERPANI Jawa Barat, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, Indonesia.

18-03-2010, Ilmuan Olahraga Terbaik Dalam Rangka HAORNAS, Pemerintah, ACEH, INDONESIA, Indonesia.