Dr.rer. med. Ns. Marthoenis, M.Sc., MPH

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Marthoenis is a lecturer at the department of psychiatry and mental health nursing of Universitas Syiah Kuala. His research interest includes Post traumatic stress disorder, addiction and metabolic syndrome in both psychiatric patients and general population. Currently, he and his team were granted a research fund from International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to replicate a study on using peer education to improve diabetes management and outcome, which is the first randomized controlled trial ever been conducted on this topic in Aceh. If your need to know more about his research interest you can find in his google scholar profile. You can also check his publication on his ResearchGate account.

email marthoenis[at]unsyiah.ac.id
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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

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Buku (Books)

Dahlia, Marthoenis, 2019, Psychotherapy for Indonesians in Intercultural Psychotherapy, Swiss, Springer, 978-3-030-24081-3.

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

13-11-2018, International Conference on Disaster and Military Medicine 2018, Beta Verlag Bonn, Düsseldorf
05-11-2018, Advanced Training Seminar: International Health Care System and Hospital Management, Jena University, Jena
25-10-2018, Aceh International Nursing Conference, FKep Unsyiah, Banda Aceh
24-09-2018, Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health, Wolaita Sodo University, Sodo, Ethiopia
30-07-2018, Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict Affected Environments, Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Berlin - Jerman
19-07-2018, Strengthening Research in Global Health in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in the ASEAN region, GIZ, Manila, Filipina
17-07-2017, Global Mental Health, Charite, Berlin, Germany
13-03-2017, Challenges in Global Health, Charite, Fort Portal, Uganda
23-11-2014, DGPPN Conference, German association for psychiatry, Berlin