Dr. dr. Syahrul, Sp.S(K)

Tentang Saya (About Me)

I finished medical school and earned Medical Doctor (dr.) degree from Andalas University, West Sumatra, back in 1988. Then, I enrolled in medical recidency training program in Neurology at the University of Indonesia, from 1993 to 1997, and became a Neurologist (Sp.S). In 2010, I was awarded a Consultant of Stroke (Sp.S-K) from the Collegium of Neurologists of Indonesia, for my dedication and active contribution in both research and medical services in the area of neurology, particularly stroke. Before that, in 2009, I enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Medicine at the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, in which I accomplished with an honorary Cum Laude title in 2013.

In regards to my career as a faculty member of Faculty of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University, I started with being the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs in the period of 2000-2004. Later on, I was elected as the Dean for two consecutive periods: 2004-2008 and 2008-2012. Some distinguished achievements during my leardership period were: 1) The implementation of new curriculum, Competence Based Curriculum through Problem Base Learning (PBL) approach at the Faculty of Medicine, Syiah Kuala University in 2006; 2) The establishment of Clinical Residency Training Programs in Surgery and Internal Medicine (2010 and 2011 respectively); 3) The development of human resources, both in quantity and quality, with the qualifications of magister, Sp1, Sp2, and doctoral degree; 4) The cultivation of national and international collaborations; and 5) The establishemnt of Nursing and Dentistry schools, which are now have been successfully became an independent Faculty themselves.

From November 5th, 2012 to October 20th, 2014 I was appointed by the Governor of Aceh to be the Director of dr.Zainoel Abidin Hospital as the main teaching hospital as well as the highest referral hospital in the province. My main task at that time was to improve the quality of medical service, hospital management system, and medical training programs, as well as to develop the capacity of human resources and improve the facilities. Fortunately, thanks to the hard work and cooperation from all involved parties, that almost reach to 2000 people, dr.Zainoel Abidin Teaching Hospital showed a significant improvement in both medical service and training.










email syahrulSpS[at]unsyiah.ac.id
www sah7ss@yahoo.com

Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

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Prosiding (Proceedings)

Endang Mutiawati, Imai Indra, Syahrul, Mulyadi, 2015, Pharmacologic Aspect of Neuropathic Pain, The 5th Annual International Conference Syiah Kuala University (AIC-Unsyiah) In Conjunction With The 8 th Chemical Engineering On Science and Application (ChESA), The 5th Annual International Conference Syiah Kuala University (AIC-Unsyiah) In Conjunction With The 8 th Chemical Engineering On Science and Application (ChESA), AAC Dayan Dawood Banda Aceh, 9-11 September 2015, Banda Aceh, AiC Syiah Kuala University, 0, 2089-208x.

Buku (Books)

syahrul, 2013, Genetik Pada Stroke Iskemik Polimorfisme Gly972Arg Gen IRS-1 dan G2350 Gen ACE, Banda Aceh, Syah Kuala University Press, .

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

18-12-2015, International Casemix and provider Payment Conference Indonesia 2015, ICCP, Jakarta
28-08-2015, Lokakarya Sistem Rujukan Berjenjang pada Faskes Tingkat Lanjutan Se-Provinsi Aceh, TKMKB Provinsi Aceh, Banda Aceh
05-06-2015, Workshop Standar Akreditasi Rumah Sakit Versi 2012, Komisi Akreditasi Rumah Sakit, Banda Aceh
31-03-2015, Sosialisasi Undang-undang Anti Korupsi Bagi Pegawai RSUD Meuraxa, Rumah Sakit Umum Meuraxa, Banda Aceh
17-02-2015, Bimbingan Teknis Up Grading Prosedur Tindakan Emergency pada Instalasi Gawat Darurat, Rumah Sakit Umum Meuraxa, Banda Aceh
10-10-2014, Stroke intervention, world stroke congress, San Diego USA