Dr. Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, SE., MM

Tentang Saya (About Me)

I am a lecturer in management. I have my Doctor Degree in a subject of Strategic Management, from the University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, with an A Accreditation.

My academic experiences are lecturing, promoting and examining in the scope of management in undergraduate and master degree. I also am active in giving the public lecture in a few overseas campus. Some publications both international and national I have published. I experience also in giving training to government staffs and Small Medium Enterprises, and being a speaker in the international and national seminar. I often involve in society and government service like being an expert and advisor for them.

My practical experiences are I worked in International Institution like BRR NAD-Nias, BKRA(AGTP-UNDP), R2C3 (AGTP-UNDP), and A-EDFF (Worldbank - Ministry of PDT - Bappeda Aceh) in cooperation with other International NGO. I also have been involving in Government Activities related to economic development, investment control, and few legislation activities. 





email teuku.roli[at]unsyiah.ac.id
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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Anzan Hario, 2019, Determination of Purchase Intensity in Online Shopping: Case on Syiah Kuala University Student, Management and Economic Review, 4, 14-22, 2501 – 885X.

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2019, The Model of Forming Employee Commitment In General Hospital Tgk Chik Ditiro in Pidie, International Journal of Business and Economic Sciences Applied Research (IJBESAR), 12, 34-38, 2408-0101.

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Chairil Anwar, 2019, DETERMINANTS OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE: STUDY IN AGRICULTURE AND PLANTATION INSTITUTION OF ACEH PROVINCE, International Journal of Management and Economics Invention (IJMEI), 5, 2009-2014, 2395-7220.

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2019, DETERMINANTS OF BANKING EMPLOYEE TURNOVER INTENTION :A STUDY IN BIREUEN DISTRICT, International Journal of Business Management and Economic Review (IJBMER), 2, 124-132, 2581-4664.

Murtala, Chalirafi, Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Eddy Gunawan, Irham Iskandar, 2019, Rupiah Exchange Rate Stability towards US Dollars In Indonesia by VAR Approach, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences (IJARBSS), 9, 174-191, 2222-6990.

Abizar, Mirza Tabrani, Muslim A Djalil, T. Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2019, The Effect of the Quality of Meat Product and Customer Value on Customer Satisfaction and Its Impact on the Consumer`S Word Of Mouth at Ulee Kareng Beef Market, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, East African Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management (EASJEBM), 2, 341-345, 2617-7269.

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2019, THE ROLE OF ORGANIZATION CLIMATE AND WORK MOTIVATION ON JOB SATISFACTION IN ACEH GOVERNMENT HEALTH OFFICE, Journal of Academic Research in Economics (JARE), 11, 98-106, 2066-0855.


Junaidi , Amri , Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah, 2019, Effect of Management Support and Information Technology on Employee’s Empowerment and Innovative Work Behaviors (Case Study of dr. Zainoel Abidin District Hospital Banda Aceh), THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, 3, 70-78, 2581-3889.

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Ade Aulia, 2019, The Role of Store Atmosphere on Purchase Decision: Case of Cafe in Banda Aceh, Management and Economic Review, 4, 109, 2501-885X.

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2018, ANALYSIS OF SERVICE PERFORMANCE MEASURED WITH COMMUNITY SATISFACTION INDEX AT POLICE REGIMENT BANGKA, International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research (IJSSER), 3, 371-379, 2455-8834.

T.Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2017, The Analysis of Positive Organizational Culture Using Scoring Method : Case Study On State-Owned Enterprise In Indonesia, Journal of Resource Development and Management, 31, 40-45, 2422 - 8397.

Mahdani Ibrahim, Muslim A. Djalil , Sofyan Idris, T. Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2017, The Model of Perceived Organizational Support and Employee Involvement with Organizational Identification (OI) as a Mediating Variable (A Study at PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero), Branch of Aceh Province, Indonesia), Journal of Resource Development and Management, 31, 14-20, 2422 - 8397.

Sofyan Idris, T.Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Muslim A Djalil, Dedi Rimana Chandra, 2017, The Analysis of Effectiveness of Education, Training & Motivation on Work Productivity and Its Impact on The Performance of Civil Service Of Personel, Education and Training Agency (BKPP), The Province of Aceh, Indonesia , Journal of Resource Development and Management, 29, 32-37, 2422 - 8397.

Nurdasila Darsono, T.Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Nanik Kurniawati, 2016, Analysis Of The Implementation Of Good Governance And Its Impact To The Performances Of Public Sector Organizations And Economy In Indonesia: A Critical Survey Of Literature, International Journal of Management,Finance and Marketing. ( IJMFM ), Vol 1,, 11 - 21, .

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Nurdasila Darsono, Kurnia Asni, 2016, Impact Of Website Quality And Indonesian Customer Orientation On Purchase Decisions, International Journal of Management,Finance and Marketing. ( IJMFM ), Vol 1,, 23 - 27, .

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2014, Pengaruh Pameran dan Desain Kemasan Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian (Studi Kasus Produk NA Cofee Kondisi Khusus 2009 Pasca Dikembangkan BRR NAD Nias), Jurnal Si-Men Akuntansi dan Manajemen, 4, 65-87, 2355 - 0465.

Prosiding (Proceedings)

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, Ridwan and Muhammad Kalvin, 2020, How Electronic Word Of Mount (E-Wom) Affects Purchase Intention With Brand Image As A Mediation Variable : Case Of Xiaomi Smartphone In Student, The 3rd FIRST 2019 International Conference, The 3rd FIRST 2019 International Conference, Palembang, 9 - 10 Oktober 2019, United Kingdom, IOPScience, 0, 1742-6596.

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2015, Analysis of Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurial Intention and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Aceh Student, International Conference on Business, Economics, Social Science & Humanities, , Bangkok, Thailand, , , , , .

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2015, Organizational Change of State Owned Enterprise in Indonesia : Measured by Key Success Factor for Change, Eurasia Business and Economic Society, , Venice, Italy, , , , , .

Teuku Roli Ilhamsyah Putra, 2012, Rarity as a Source of Differentiation, The Global Advanced Research Conference on Management and Business Studies (GARCOMBS), GARCOMBS, Bandung, Indonesia, 22-24 November 2012, Bandung, Universitas Padjadjaran, , .

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

07-09-2016, Pasar Modal, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Unsyiah
20-03-2015, Merode penelitian, jurrusan akuntansi, Banda Aceh
06-06-2011, Project Management, AIDA Consultant, Takengon, Aceh
17-02-2011, Efective Internal COntrol : Concept & Implementation, Lembaga Pengembang Auditor Internal, Jakarta
20-01-2011, Website, Jurnalistik dan Kehumasan, AEDFF - Bappeda Aceh-Multidonor Fund - Worldbank - BMB Mott McDonald, Banda Aceh
30-11-2008, Strengthening Language and Scholarship Application, Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF), Sumatera Utara

Penghargaan (Awards)

23-12-2008, Pengabdian dan Kontribusi Pada Tugas Kemanusiaan BRR NAD-Nias, BRR NAD-Nias, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

17-11-2014, penghargaan kontribusi terhadap lingkungan, pada acara penanaman pohon di Botanical Garden di Karabuk University, Turkey (internasional), Karabuk University, Karabuk, Turkey, Turkey.