Ns. Sarini Vivi Yanti, M.Kep

Tentang Saya (About Me)

I was born in Bireuen, March thirty, 1984. I have tree brothers and I am the oldest child of my parents. I have one children. I live in Kampung Mulia, Kuta Alam, Banda Aceh. I finished my study of bachelor nursing in 2010 at Medicine Faculty, Syiah Kuala University. In 2012, I continued study master program in Faculty of Nursing, Syiah Kuala University. and graduated in 2015. Now, I am a lecturer at Faculty of Nursing, Syiah Kuala University with intersted area is familly nursing.

email vivi@unsyiah.ac.id
www https://fsd.unsyiah.ac.id/login/index.php/dashboard/reditProfile

Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Sarini Vivi Yanti, 2010, STUDI KOMPARATIF KINERJA KADER POSYANDU A Comparative Study Of Posyandu Cadre Working, Jurnal Keperawatan, 4:2, 1-11, 2338 - 6371.